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Profitable investments in Ukrainian real estate

You are guaranteed to get our comprehensive assistance in choosing the most favorable offers with the maximum interest rate in the Ukrainian real estate market for you. A personal manager will find the best investment options for you, based on your needs, interests, and size of the investment portfolio.

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Company, goals & team

8000 м2 in portfolio

More than 300 transactions

Avg 8,7% ROI

Inprolux is a private company specializing in the Ukrainian real estate market. We provide services for the sale, purchase, rental, and management of the real estate for investors all over the world. We analyze projects, select and offer our clients exclusively those that can bring the greatest profit.

The goal of Inprolux is to make the investment process as simple, transparent and profitable as possible.

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Dmitriy Kabarovskiy

Co-founder & CMO

Head of the marketing department in Inprolux. He works in this field for more than three years. An ideal inspirer and developer of advertising campaigns and creative solutions. He is engaged in the optimization of work processes in the company.

Valeriy Yasakov

co-founder & CTO

Expert in IT-field, more than 6 years of experience. He is a specialist in the automation of business. He supervises the department of development and introduction of new IT-products from Inprolux.

Average annual returns on real estate by country



To date, Ukraine is one of the most profitable countries for real estate investments.

Due to the low cost of housing and the rising rental prices, investment activities here guarantee a rather good income.



High taxes and excess of square meters per head of population lead to a low investment return on investment in Spain



After the 2007 crisis, investing in real estate in the US does not look as appealing as before: the percentage is small, taxes are high, and the investment returns are long.



Due to the rising of real estate prices to peak in Germany, the return on investment is the longest in Europe today.



There is an outflow of private investment from the country, as a result of which there is a significant decline in real estate prices.

The most profitable real estate

in Ukraine: Kyiv and Lviv

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Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine

The population of Kyiv:

about 4 million people.

Average real estate value: $850 per m2.

Kyiv is the largest political, economic and educational center of Eastern Europe and the most attractive city in the country for living. Real estate is always in demand here: both among the permanent residents of the city, and also among tourists, as well as businessmen and other individuals who have arrived in the capital for business. The city is growing and the construction of new facilities is constantly under way.

Ukraine is seeking to become a member of the EU and opens up opportunities for international investors. In 2012, Kyiv was the host city of the European Football Championship, and currently, it remains the leader in investment attractiveness in Ukraine compared with other regional centers.

Lviv is the primary tourist destination in Ukraine

The number of tourists a year:

2,6 million people

Tourist expenses per year:

615 million euros

Lviv is a city with a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Its central part is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The romance of mysterious Lviv streets and ancient monuments attracts visitors not only from Ukraine but also from the near abroad. There are many sights in the vicinity of Lviv, which are convenient to visit if you stay in the city.

Lviv is the first of Ukrainian cities that entered the TOP-100 tourist cities of Europe.

Our successful projects

Case photo

Residential complex “Standard One”, Kiev

Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo

Object purchased:

May, 2018

Object sold:

being built

$ 55000

Case photo

Luxury apartments “PecherSky”, Кiev

Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo

Object purchased:

November, 2016

Object for rent:

5000$ per month

11,3% per year

Case photo

Residential complex “New England”, Kiev

Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo

Object for rent:

October, 2017

Objeсt sold:

July, 2018

Profit: 28,6%

Case photo

“Novopecherski Lypky” complex, Kiev

Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo
Case photo

Object for rent:

March, 2016

Object for rent:

1500$ per month

9% per year


"You can see the great experience and understanding of the real estate market right away. Very helpful from the first minutes and always ready to answer any question. Highly recommend"

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"Dear Vitaliy, I would like to thank you for the whole process that I have been with you. You are a wonderful person and a high level professional, you have quality services, so keep this up".

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"Thank you so much for everything! You provide very good and loyal services to your clients"

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"There were a lot of questions and incomprehensible issues before the first investment abroad, but thanks to clear explanations and personal assistance at all stages of the deal I finally bought an apartment"

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, we will gladly contact you and answer them! And for now please check, maybe you will find some answers in this list:

What is the tax in Ukraine for the purchase of real estate?

0%, if the purchase is made by an individual

Is it possible to meet you personally?

Yes, of course! We are waiting for you at the office of Inprolux in Ukraine, Kyiv, Yurkovskaya st, 36. Come and we will be glad to see you! We will meet you with delicious coffee and a good mood!

Can I see the selected object in Ukraine?

Yes, your manager will give you a tour of each of the selected objects

I have no time to fly to Ukraine to see the objects, what should I do?

If you don’t have time to fly to Ukraine, we will send you a detailed video of the objects or organize an online broadcast in any way convenient to you (WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook).

Who will manage my real estate after the purchase?

Inprolux company provides a full range of services for managing the property acquired through us: repairs, paying the utilities and other services, resale, rent, etc.

Do I have to come to Ukraine to buy real estate?

Not at all! We can make a deal without your presence, saving you time and money for the flight.

Quickstart Guide to Buying an Apartment in the Breadbasket of Europe

In 2008, we took a big hit globally. Economies ebb and flow like the ocean, sometimes they crash like big waves. At the end of the day, getting back up after a hit is vital. Right now, realty investing around Kiev and elsewhere is higher than ever.

Real investing, no hassles

A quickly growing market We handle the paperwork Full transparency, no hidden fees Since ‘08, the economy has gained some traction. In 2017, the total number of secondary property transactions was $137 million. Compared to 2016, 2017 showed +76% growth. Salaries here are much lower than elsewhere, which would make you think that even cheap building were unaffordable. The reality is - most flats are bought out before construction workers break ground. Why? People travel to find work and bring those assets back to their homeland. That’s our opinion - would be interesting to do a survey.

Kiev apartments - grab ‘em while they’re hot!

Thinking of buying property in Ukraine? We’ll show you how to benefit from a new economic boom. Home to nearly 3 million people, Kyiv (Ukrainian spelling) has seen a 29.9% increase in total housing units. Investors are flocking to Kyiv investment agencies for several reasons. Recently, in a 9 month period, 71 construction projects were approved with an area of 2,799,923 sq. m. Lviv real estate stats are also on par. Lviv is located near the Western border which boasts a strong local economy and has shown progress.

In Ukraine, apartments aren’t hard to buy.

You will need a valid passport with visa (residency permits are allowed) And a Ukrainian taxpayer identification code (for tax/legal purposes) That’s all! We take care of everything else. All agreements, paperwork are on us. The process is fairly straightforward, but has some cultural aspects you should be aware of. For example, most people prefer hard cash instead of wire transfer.

Are there fees for investing in Ukraine?

Buyer covers closing costs Notary - 0.25-1% Registration - approximately $500 Property purchase - 2% Bank - depends on currency, commissions, etc Brokerage - varies from firm to firm. Companies that promote themselves as “real realty” (which in our opinion is a redundant statement) don’t make their fees transparent. Buying assets here is clear-cut and the government offers some business incentives for entrepreneurs. We can walk you through the tax requirements and find the optimal way to save money.

How Lucrative is the Kiev Real Estate Market?

Any modern free market grows based on supply & demand. Logically, if more offices, houses and flats were being built, someone was buying them. As a result, investors are confidently bringing money into this country and profiting. Low property prices + high rent prices. What could be better? The same trend holds true across the country. Difference is, cities with large populations tend to attract more money which equals higher profits. Let’s say you bought a flat for $40,000 and rent it out for $600/month, not including utilitiesб еhat’s almost $7,000 in income per year!

Kiev apartments for rent or subletting

Cheap Impressive ROI No crazy requirements or pre-approval A common misconception is - Ukraine’s a dangerous place with low economic stability. Not the case at all. If you’re worried about investing in real estate in Kiev, perhaps these companies that have y opened their doors in the capital (in the past year) will sound familiar: IKEA - Swedish furniture and household goods H&M - Multinational clothing/fashion outlet

Country comparison

Ever wondered how the countries in Europe rank against each other? This is the ranking by price per square meter for flats in downtown: 1. Switzerland $11,070.45 2. France $7,017.10 3. Ireland $6,846.09 4. Norway $6,591.84 5. Sweden $6,381.09 6. Germany $5,433.77 7. Austria $5,357.48 8. United Kingdom $5,227.45 9. Denmark $5,130.99 10. Finland $4,910.75 ... 33. Russia $1,394.06 34. Bosnia & Herzegovina $1,380.18 35. Bulgaria $1,164.24 36. Ukraine $1,141.13 37. Macedonia $1,133.51 The return on investment would surprise even the wealthiest of individuals.

Kiev International Realty Services

Finding a legit Kiev realty representative is tough. How does one find a trustworthy company or individual? Ask somebody who has already succeeded. Inprolux’s clients love our approach and are now breathing easy. Don’t feel like travelling to sign papers? No problem. Handling it remotely won’t be an issue. Ready to take advantage of a profitable business opportunity? Give us a call.

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