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Kyiv elite housing market: offers, demand, prices

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Largely in defiance to market fluctuations, the Ukrainian premium-class housing prices remain on an upward track, whetting the appetite of domestic and foreign investors. The developers in Kyiv are keenly aware of the market situation and offer truly exclusive projects boasting unique locations and designs.

In this article, we won’t touch on Koncha-Zaspa mansions, focusing on apartments in the capital’s elite residences and clubhouses.

Premium-class housing: minimal qualification requirements

By the resolution of the Ukrainian Construction Association, elite, premium, and deluxe residential complexes have been consolidated into one class. Of over 90 classification parameters, we will consider only the essential ones.

Location: the city’s historical or business center, landscaped parks.

In Kyiv, the following regions satisfy this condition:

●       Khreshchatyk St, Volodymyrska St

●       Pechersk and Lower Pechersk

●       Podil, Tatarka, Lypky

●       Obolon embankment and Nova Zabudova

●       Holosiivskyi Park and Feofania neighborhoods

Construction technology:

solid brickwork or clay brick-filled cast-in-place concrete frame. Class A energy efficiency. High-quality natural materials. No. of elevators: min. 2. Housing density: up to 8000 sq m/ha with no limit on the number of floors. Parking slots: >1 per apartment. The appearance of the complex should highlight its high profile.


Security and self-sufficiency.

●       Apartment complex security service, a card-based or biometric access control system

●       Gated and guarded territory

●       Panic button in the reception area

●       Cutting-edge fire-extinguishing and HVAC systems, gas and flooding sensors, or smart house interactive system

●       A dedicated transformer facility, an independent boiler room

●       Water reservoir, tertiary treatment system



Designer decoration of the lobby, terraces, entryways, and elevators with natural materials.


Landscaped park space incorporating the elements of landscape architecture. Gazebos, barbecue zones. Play zones for children and adults, lounge zones, spa, mini-cinema. Activities: sports grounds, a swimming pool, a gym, and a fitness facility.

Limited availability of land in the historical center is compensated with green rooftop leisure areas.


Rooftop lounge zone at CityResort residential complex

The complex can combine residential and commercial premises. The business zone needs to fit the building’s class: Class A business center, an apartment hotel, showrooms, a beauty clinic, a restaurant, an event hall, or a sports club.



24/7 five-star concierge desk. An own management company, maintenance and cleaning services.


No more than 4 per floor. Room height: min. 2.9 m. Floor area: min. 50 sq m, standard min. 80 sq m. An enclosed balcony or a terrace is a must. 2–4 levels are a possibility. Maximum space for design solutions to be brought to life.


Kyiv developers are trying to come up with a unified vision of elite housing. The ideas like car-free courtyards, passive houses, panoramic walking terraces, and fountains are known to have been implemented already.


What premium tenants need

Customers place demands on the high-profile of the apartment complex, prestige of the neighborhood, security, historical value of the building’s location, and panoramic views of the Dnieper or the cathedrals of Kyiv.

High historical value is attached to the apartments located:

●       near Khreshchatyk or Andriivsky Descent

●       near the popular landmarks of Kyiv

●       in 19th–20th-century buildings that feature modern, classical, Renaissance, Stalinist Empire, or neo-constructivist architecture.


Vozdvizhenka residential complex

For the buyers of elite housing, it is important to have a metro station nearby, Kyiv traffic is being a pain. Also, they need to have a walk or go running somewhere. The state of the social infrastructure of the area is of secondary importance.

Apartment size and style depends on the tenants’ taste and finances. Apartments with a floor area of up to 200 sq m make for great investments. The rent price per 1 sq m of a 150-sq m loft-style apartment in a premium residential complex will be higher than that of a 1,200-sq m rococo penthouse.


A premium-class offering of Kyiv developers

The apartments are in clubhouses and residential complexes of varying degrees of completion. Over 80% are on the outfitting stage. The commissioning is scheduled for 2020 at the latest.

Apartments in residential complexes at the groundbreaking stage are priced by 30% on average below their counterparts in commissioned buildings.

Distribution of premium-class residential complexes under construction



Apartment rentals in premium-class residential complexes

As evidenced by the analysis of the market for apartment rentals in premium-class houses, up to 30% of them end up offered for rent immediately after the building’s commissioning. Only a few offers remain for 3 years. Vacancy rates in executive-class houses hardly exceed 4%.


Investing in premium-class housing

The market for the elite housing market is growing in Kyiv. The most viable thing to do in this situation is to invest in the upcoming residential complexes by reliable developers with an eye toward the resale or renting out.